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loyalty cards save money


Have you heard of loyalty and reward schemes?  If you have a regular supermarket or store that you use on a regular basis then you should be getting rewarded for your loyalty. Many supermarkets and store have loyalty schemes which can earn you points that can be redeemed against products or services. Loyalty cards Most …



Buying baby products is definitely not cheap.  The endless buying of nappies and wipes is a necessary purchase when you have a little one. But there are ways that you can save money by signing up to free online baby clubs. By signing up you could be sent money off vouchers or even free  baby …



Getting started – A beginners guide to couponing It can seem a bit confusing on getting starting with couponing, this is why I put together this guide. I have been couponing for a number of years and I save a huge amount from my shopping.  It is quick and easy to register with the websites …

selling on ebay


Selling on Ebay is a fantastic way to make money from your unwanted clothes and it’s easy to do too.  It is a money making method that is flexible enough to fit around childcare. It is also a fantastic way to declutter your home and get rid of unwanted clothes, books, toys and anything else you want to sell.

How to start selling on Ebay

Have you got clothes in your wardrobe that do not fit you anymore. You may have a mountain of baby clothes that your little one has out grown. If you get organised by having a big sort out. Go through your clothes, bags and shoes and ask yourself, am I ever going to wear this ever again? Think about what has the potential to sell, you will be surprised at what you can make money from.

I have been a Ebayer for sometime now and have put together my list of top 10 tips to help you get your items sold quickly and for the highest possible price. Registering an account is quick and easy to do, click here to open your EBAY account

1. Research what you are selling

Successful selling on Ebay is built on checking if there is demand for the item you are wanting to sell.  First type in the brand, size, type and any features of item. For example, River Island, Blue spot tea, dress size 16. Look through similar items in the results and see what prices they are selling for. You can also check what an item has sold for by ticking ‘completed listings’ down the side panel (prices in green).  Look at the frequently sold item amounts to get an idea of what your item could sell for. Selling items in season or the season before can also get more interest.

top tips for ebay

2. Photography

Take good quality photos and this will put you ahead of other Ebay listings. Photos of clothes that are on a coat hanger with a plain white background work best. I use a plain white door with a removable coat hook on. This ensures that the focus is on the item that you are selling and not what is in the background. Try to take photos in natural daylight.  This shows the item’s true colour and causes less shadows. For the main listing photo, use a picture of the whole item as this will show it clearly to a potential customer. You could try experimenting with the following:

  • Take photos from different angles
  • Pictures of the back of the item
  • A close up of specialist detail such as around a neckline
  • Close up of the material pattern

I personally use a Mannequin which I bought here.  As I sell a large volume of Women’s Clothing, I felt it was worth the investment. It shows the clothes off beautifully and even has a hook for easy hanging on doors.

ebay mannequin

3. An eye-catching title

Many buyers will type in a description to find the item they are wanting to purchase. You need a unique title for your item to get a potential customer to look at your listing in more detail. With the listing title, you are limited to a certain number of words, so make each one count.  Think about what a customer would type in on the Ebay search bar to find your item. This is usually the condition, brand, size, type of clothing and colour.  Ensure each are included so that your item can be found.

4. A good description

By using a comprehensive description, it will give you the edge over your competitors. It will also save some potential customers emailing you questions about your listing.  Using the description box to sell your item is vital. Using a mixture of text and bullet points can enable you to list all the information a potential buyer needs.  Firstly describe your item in an appealing way, think about what made you want to buy it in the first place. Then list the key item features and highlights including:

  • Size
  • Brand
  • Colour
  • Material
  • Measurements (e.g. skirt length in cm’s/inches)
  • Features (bows, sequins)
  • Sleeve length
  • Condition (e.g. New/Used)

5. Potential profit

When listing an item, you should always work out the postage cost of each item. Use what scales you have at home to weigh items, (I use an old set of kitchen scales). Most postage companies charge by weight and size and you will also need to factor in the cost of packaging.  Ensure you also take into consideration if you are charged any listing fees, percentage of final sale price and PayPal fees. I would recommend slightly overestimating postage and Ebay fees to ensure that you will definitely make a profit.

6. Customer service

You may get questions emailed to you by potential buyers regarding your item that you are selling, so be sure to check your Ebay account daily. Be quick and helpful with your response to a potential buyer and this may increase your sales.  Your polite response may also encourage the buyer to leave positive feedback on your Ebay Account.

selling on ebay

7. Get organised

With little ones running around you could end up a little muddled with your items that you are listing. I would recommend that you keep the items you have listed and your packaging together in one place. When it comes to posting your sold item it is easy to find.

8. Packaging

Always ensure that the item you are posting is securely packaged. To save on the cost of packaging, look to see if you can re-use padded envelopes or boxes that you have at home as this with save your packaging costs, (just gently peel off the address label and add a blank sticker to reuse). If not there are many discount shops that sell packaging.

top tips for ebay selling

9. Postage

As soon as your item is sold, get it posted asap. This is showing good service to your customer and you will hopefully receive good feedback. Always get a receipt for the item you have posted as proof you have sent the item to your customer. It is very rare but there can be occasions where items go missing in the post or you have a dishonest buyer. You can make a claim for the lost item or dispute non-delivery by providing proof of postage.

10. Leave feedback

Once you have sold an item and you have received payment it is important that you leave feedback for your customer. If they paid quickly mention this in their feedback. Hopefully in turn your customer will leave positive feedback for you. The feedback you receive will build your online reputation and hopefully lead to further future sales.

Ready to get started selling on Ebay?

Remember you do not need to list everything at once, take it slow. Try listing 2 or 3 items to begin. Get comfortable with listing a few items at a time in the limited spare time that you have.  As your sales grow, so will your confidence in selling and you will soon be earning a good side income. Soon you will build a good online reputation which may lead to repeat sales from customers. Click here to open your EBAY account 

selling on ebay

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