Did you know you can earn money from your shopping receipts?  The Shopprize app turns your receipts into fun opportunities to win great prizes and freebies every day!  Simply snap a photo of any receipt to earn virtual coins. Get 10,000 coins and you can exchange them for a £5.00 amazon giftcard.

How it works

  1. Collect up all your shopping receipts dated within last 7 days
  2. Tap to focus your camera and take a picture of your receipt
  3. Check that your photo is readable and not blurry or cut-off
  4. Scan multiple pictures of long receipts
  5. Earn coins for scanning the receipt
  6. Use coins to enter daily sweepstakes to win prizes or save up for a £5.00 Amazon giftcard
  7. Once you have 10,000 coins, use them to exchange for a giftcard

You can also get daily bonus coins just by logging into the app each day.

Prizes and perks

You can choose to enter daily draws:

  • Great prizes and offerings such as Amazon & Google Play gift cards, cell phone chargers, kitchen gadgets and more!
  • Multiple chances to win with our four daily offers held every six hours.

So if you want to start earning today then go to your app store and download Shopprize. If you use my promo code 3sato you will receive 25 extra coins to get started.





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