Need to buy Gift cards this Christmas?  Read on to find out how you can save money when buying a gift card.

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This a fantastic site that offers a double offer you can both buy and sell gift cards on this site. It is free to sign up and there are more than 100 brands to choose from including Next, Argos and I-Tunes.

Buying gift cards

You can buy gift cards for a whole host of brands at a discounted price. The average discount is around 6%, however this can be as much as 20% off. There is a selection of both physical and electronic gift cards available.  E-vouchers should arrive instantly, while physical cards take up to seven working days. (The seller forwards the card or e-voucher to Zeek, which checks it’s legit, then forwards it onto you.) There’s a £2 delivery charge for physical gift cards, but Zeek says most cards sold are sent as e-vouchers.  Zeek only shows an expiry date if the gift card runs out in the next six months – otherwise it doesn’t show them, so always check. 

What if there’s a problem with the gift card? Zeek says it doesn’t offer refunds, unless the card’s inactive, has an inaccurate balance or doesn’t arrive. Then it gives a 60-day money-back guarantee.  If a retailer refuses to accept a gift card because resale is against its T&Cs, Zeek would usually give you a refund, it told us, though it’s on a case-by-case basis.

If you are buying gift cards anyway why not save off the cost of them?  The person receiving the gift card will never know you did not buy it directly from the shop.

How to sign up

I also have a great bonus discount too.  If you use my invite code you will received an extra £5.00 your first order.  (disclosure – note that I will also receive £5.00 too)

Enter: 6A015469D29F

To sign up via the ZEEK website click HERE.

If you want to down load the app click this link:

Looking to save even more?  Combine the above offer with using your cash back credit on Zeek and also earning even more cashback.  Use my link to sign up to Topcashback and receive a £5.00 Amazon gift card and up to £10.00 in cashback bonus, click HERE

I also have a great article on making money with cashback sites, check it out: HOW TO MAKE £100’S WHEN SHOPPING ONLINE.

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Selling gift cards

Sometimes we forget about a gift card that has been hidden in the back of your purse for a brand that you don’t really buy things from. Don’t feel the pressure of ‘use them or lose them’, there is an alternative. There is a lot of wasted money in gift cards (as much as $65 billion each year), don’t let your cash be included in this total.  To get this valuable money back you can sell your unwanted gift cards online and avoid the gift card expiring.  The average card only takes 37 minutes to sell, so if you are after a quick cash boost this is a easy option.

The Zeek Website is really simple to use just enter the name of the gift card and the value.  You will be given 2 instant quotes of what you could sell your gift card for:

  • Sell for Zeek credit so that you can use to buy another gift card from the site
  • Sell for cash, paid to your bank account or Paypal account

You earn more with Zeek credits. Remember you will probably not find a way of selling on the gift card on to someone for the full value.  By using Zeek you are still getting some money to spend, rather than ending up with nothing through not using or the card expiring.

To sign up via the ZEEK website click HERE.

If you want to down load the app click this link:

How much can you save?

So there you go a way to save on buying gift cards and also how to sell your own unwanted gift cards.  Two great options on both saving and making money. Let me know in the comments how much you save.  Also don’t forget to share this article with friends and family that you want to help save on buying gift cards too.


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