saving money using charity shops

Find out how to save money of everyday items. Everyone loves to buy lovely shiney brand new things, am I right? However there are times when we cannot afford to buy brand new.  Rather than go without, have you thought of buying second hand? Please do not dismiss the idea until you have finished reading this post, you will be surprised at ways you can save money.

Buying Secondhand

If you think buying second hand means second rate, your wrong. Many items sold are in excellent condition and you will find some items that are brand new.  Items can cost a fraction of what you would pay brand new.  Once you start finding these hidden gems then you really won’t believe the savings that you can make.  So how can you start to save money and find these great bargains? Read on to find out.

saving money buying in charity shops

1. Save money at Charity Shops

I know what your thinking, they are full of musty smelling clothes and broken toys. Actually not going to disagree with you on that one, yes to both, however there is so much more to be found.  Remember you can wash, wipe down or repair items.  You do have to have a bit of a rummage but that part of the excitement of the bargains you will find.  It is like shopping at TK Maxx, where you have to really keep your eyes open to spot hidden treasures.

Bargains I have found in Charity Shops

So lets start with clothes, I have bought some great items that I would have paid so much more for brand new.  I have found some beautiful good high street brand label clothes including Next, River Island and Marks and Spencer.  The clothes were in really good condition and I still have them in my wardrobe.  Toys, this is where I have saved well over £200. Really you ask? When my daughter was 9 months I popped into a local charity shop on the way back from the park, I found the exact rocking horse I was considering buying her for Christmas.  The Little Tikes rocking horse would cost £23.00 brand new. Cost in the charity shop £3.00, saving £20.00.  As the horse was plastic, all it needed was a wipe down with antibacterial wipes.

My other big saving is a recent purchase.  I was walking past a charity shop and outside was a children’s bike.  It looked about the size for my Daughter who is 3 years old.  I checked the bike over and there was some wear and tear on the tyres but the frame looked unmarked. The tyres were flat, but even if I had to repair punctures it was still going to be a bargain. My Daughter tried to bike out and loved it.  I bought the bike and we bought a bike pump for £5.00 to pump up the tyres.  The bike cost £4.00, what a bargain.  When I got home I checked the cost brand new and it was £80.00, yes had saved £76.00 (£71.00 if you include cost of bike pump).   Other gems I have found include photo frames, wall art, books and DVD’s.


saving money with ebay

2. Save money at EBAY

Everyone has heard of EBAY, it’s a great site that you can both buy and sell items on.  It is free to register and once you have set up your account, you can buy or sell internationally.  The choice of products is vast on EBAY, you can buy new or used, different sizes, colours, styles, models, editions.  There are a variety of sellers and buyers that use EBAY from individuals to big corporate companies.  So you can buy brand new items from your favourite retailers at a discounted price and save money.  The beauty is that you have view everything online and browse through till you find what you are looking for.

Buying on EBAY

The choice of products on EBAY is huge, items are listed online and you can buy via two options. Buy it now of fixed price option is just that, no negotiating, it is the lowest price that a seller is willing to offer on EBAY. Some items are sold via auction with a minimum price. Customers bid on items and when the bid ends the highest bid wins.  Items can either be collected in person (should the seller live close buy), or posted out. Payment is usually made when you purchase the item online, except for cash payments for local pick up.

You can also sell items on EBAY, see the post I have written on the Top10 tips for successful selling on EBAY.

3. Save money at Gumtree

Gumtree is a free to use site where both new and used items are listed.  Items for sale can be viewed online together with their location.  This allows the buyer to take into consideration the cost and time of travelling to pick up the item.  If you want to buy an item you contact the seller directly and agree the sale and then arrange to pick up the item.  Personally I have not used Gumtree but I have heard good things from friends about things they have bought at a knock down price.

4. Save money at Facebook Marketplace

This is a online platform where items are for sale at a fixed price however sometimes a bit of haggling can be used.  If you want to buy something, contact the seller and agree a price then arrange collection and payment via cash.  Again I have not personally used this but have heard about how easy it is to use and save money.


saving money with car boot sales

5. Save money at Car Boot Sales

Car Boot Sales are great way to buy secondhand, but also brand new items at a knockdown price.  The fantastic thing about car boot sales are that you can haggle if you want. Prices charged are usually very low anyway, so you could save even more buy squeezing that little bit more discount.  You will find anything and everything and sometimes a mix of new and used goods.  I have bought clothes, books, DVD’s, Toys at great haggled down prices. 

Want to make money from Car Boot Sales, check out my article: Top 10 Tips for making money are car boot sales.

Can you save money buying secondhand?

I hope that by reading this post it has changed your perceptions of buying second hand and banished your inner snob (we all have one).  I hope you too can find some great bargains and save money.  Let me know in the comments below or on social media what bargains you find, I would love to envious of your fabulous finds.


Disclosure: There may be affiliate links on the products or services that are discussed on this article. When you purchase an item or service using my affiliate link, I may receive a monetary compensation. If a purchase is made via a link, it will not cost you anything additional, however I would appreciate it if you did. Note that I only recommend tried and trusted products and services.

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