Shopping apps – How do they work?

There are some great shopping apps that you can easily claim cashback on everyday items included in your weekly shop.  Simply download the apps to your phone, then register your details. Ensure that you choose your preferred payment option, usually via BACS or Paypal, so that your payments are not delayed.  The apps will have a list of products that you can claim cashback on, including the valid stores. The amount of cashback varies, sometimes this will cover the full cost of the item, so you get the item completely FREE!  I would advise to only purchase products that you would normally purchase anyway, not just to claim a discount.  If you do buy an item that you do not use and get the cashback successfully through, consider donating it to a friend or family.

To make the most of these shopping apps, I usually log into each app whilst I am preparing my shopping list.  If I see a product I am interested in that offers 100% cashback I add it to my list. I would advise noting down the exact description and size of product on your shopping list.  If you buy the wrong item you will not be able to claim the cashback. You can check the prices of the products instore, so that you can work out if it is a good saving. For example a bottle of shampoo is £2.00 instore and an app is offering £1.00 cashback, then that would be a 50% saving.



This is a great app that has a variety of great products on.  You basically look through the list of offers and pick ones you are interested in.  Ensure that you check which supermarkets that the offer is available at, this can vary so always check.

How to get cashback

  • Make the purchase instore or online as usual
  • Select the product that you are claiming cashback for
  • Click discover this offer
  • Click request my cashback
  • Take a photo of the receipt
  • Click finish
  • Scan the barcode on the product
  • Press submit

Your claim for cashback will then be processed automatically.  There is no threshold for payment, so it can be paid directly into your bank or paypal account within a few days.  If you sign up using my affiliate link you will receive a free jar of delicious Nutella click here.

Checkout Smart

A perfectly organised app that you can download and claim cashback on your shopping. The app is very user-friendly and you can easily filter by store and product.  You can choose to browse through products from all stores to see if there is any items that offer full cashback or a great discount. From the menus you can pick the store that you are due to shop at and it lists the products that you can claim cashback on.  Some items offer a half price discount and also items that you can get totally free.  Note that you can still claim for items that are already on offer, however yellow stickered/reduced to clear products are not eligible. Payments are made to your bank account or via Paypal.

How to get cashback

  • Make the purchase instore or online as usual
  • Open app and click claim button
  • Select the store that you made your purchase from
  • Choose the date of the purchase (note that this must be in last 7 days)
  • Select the product that you have purchased
  • Click next
  • Click camera
  • Take a photo of receipt, (if too long, you can take more than one photo)
  • Note that you can also claim back on online orders too
  • Click upload receipt

You payment with go into an account balance on the app.  Payments under £20.00 incur a 5% fee, payments over £20.00 do not incur a fee and will be paid with 10 days.  I usually wait till the £20.00 threshold and prefer payment via paypal.

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TopCashback – Snap and Save

You may have already read my main article on cashback sites and joined TopCashback. They also have a section that you can claim cashback on instore purchases too.  If you download the TopCashback app onto your phone and then it is easier to upload the receipts to process your cashback claim.

How to get cashback

  • Click the menu button
  • Choose Instore menu
  • Choose groceries menu
  • Click on the product you wish to claim cashback on
  • Click take photo
  • Take photo and click submit

Once uploaded the cashback will be credited to your TopCashback account.  The payment will take time to clear and will be added to your total cashback earnt using TopCashback.  Payouts can be made via 3 options, giftcards, Paypal or direct to your bank account. If you want to set up your own TopCashback account click here.

How much can you save?

This depends on how often you check the shopping apps and product availability.  Below is a list of how much I have received back in cashback:

  • Shopmium £31.08 (over 2 years)
  • Checkout Smart £89.00 (over 2 years)
  • TopCashback Snap and Save £3.15 (over 2 years)

So in total that is well over £130.00 worth of free products.  Using shopping apps can save you some money off your shopping bill and it is very similar to using coupons. So if you fancy trying some potato chips or chocolate covered blueberries, then sign up and get scanning those receipts.


Disclosure: There may be affiliate links on the products or services that are discussed on this  article. When you purchase an item or service using my affiliate link, I may receive a monetary compensation. If a purchase is made via a link, it will not cost you anything additional, however I would appreciate it if you did. Note that I only recommend tried and trusted products and services.


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