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Ever thought of becoming a product tester, where you get to try out fantastic products for free in exchange for writing up a review. It is a great way to save money on products that you would not normally be able to afford. From Toiletries to Clothes and Gadgets to Toys, the list is endless when is comes to being a product tester.

Products available to review

Below is a list of the type of products that you can review:

  • Toiletries
  • Make up
  • Toys
  • Clothes and Accessories
  • Gadgets
  • Phone Accessories
  • Kitchen Gadgets
  • Books
  • Groceries
  • Household products

Getting started as a product tester

First things first, never request to review a product that you are not able to fully review.  You are expected to provide a comprehensive review of a product.  This needs to be from a consumer prospective with real emotion and detailed description. You may be provided with a sample product or a fully complete version. With both the company are wanting honest feedback both good and bad to help them improve their product.

First Impressions

It is important to write down your first impressions of the product when you first open it. When you first receive the product, look at the packaging (if boxed).  Does the packaging look appealing to make you want to buy it if you saw it on a store shelf?  Look at the product description on the packaging and the instructions, are they well written and easy to understand?  Use emotive words where possible, to describe how the product made you feel.

Product Testing – Photos reviews

Photos of the product may also be requested as part of the review. Ensure you take clear pictures of the product still in the packaging so that other consumers and the company can see what it looks like when delivered to you.  Also take pictures of the product out of the packaging on a clear white background.  If there are a number of parts to the product, lay them out neatly, so clearly visible. Think about how you would want to see the product if you were considering buying it.  Include pictures of you using the product or the results from using the product.

Product Testing – Video reviews

Before you apply to do a video review of a product, ensure that you have the time and suitable environment to do the review.  Video reviews do take a bit more planning in that you need to ensure you have a quiet child free space. You make need someone to help with the filming if you need to demonstrate the product. Speak clearly and be as descriptive as possible when describing the product. I would recommend that you do a practice run through of video a few times so that you plan what you are going to say.



Writing up a product review

A well written review provides a useful insight into the products and allows both the company to view the product from a consumer prospective and if used online inform potential customer of a honest review. Below is a list of the key points to cover in your review:

  • First impression of product in packaging, product name, colours, amount of packaging
  • Description on packaging, does it provide enough information
  • Trying out the product for the first time, use descriptive words
  • Were the instructions easy to follow
  • Did the product require assembling, how long did it take to put together
  • The quality of the product, does it seem durable and good or poor quality
  • Describe any product features which would make you want to buy it
  • Are there any improvements you would recommend to the product or packaging
  • Include both good comments and constructive feedback
  • In closing say whether you would recommend this product or not

By including the above key points, you should be able to produce a comprehensive review of the product.

Companies looking for Product Testers

Below is a list of product testing companies that you can sign up to.  With some you will need to sign in to check for new opportunities, others you will get email alerts.  Either way it is fastest finger first, companies will close the opportunity once they have enough suitable reviewers.

Home Tester Club

The Home Tester Club offer a huge variety  of product to review from toiletries to food. Many are household brands that you will recognise, while others are new to the market.  You apply online to become a product tester  for each product that you want to review and will be emailed if successful.  There is clear instructions provided with the product on what they require from the review.  Usually it is a questionnaire format, which is easy to follow. If you want to sign up click HERE.


Bzz Agent has been around for a number of years and has a range of toiletries and household products to test. Once you have registered as a product tester you will need to complete a number of surveys about yourself and your house hold, this is so that they can match you up to the criteria for being a product tester. You are given a Bzz Agent score dependant on the number of surveys complete. You will be given a higher score the more products you review and also additional points for sharing on social media channels. If you want to sign up click HERE.


TRND offer a range of products to test including household, toiletries and even electronics. You will receive email alerts to apply for products to test.  The company will email you to let you know if you have been successfully selected.  Note that some of the electronic products require a deposit to review the product and you would be asked to return it.  If you want to sign up to  TRND click HERE.

There are many more product testing website that are on the look out for reviewers and I will include these in a later post. I have provided my top three websites that I have personally received some great products from over the years.  Hopefully you will get the opportunity to try some amazing products yourself and saving lots of money.


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