Finding the best deal on petrol or diesel can be a challenge with prices that vary at different petrol stations. But how car you check if you are getting the best possible price when filling up? Through a fantastic app that can save you both time and money. Also check out top 10 tips to increase fuel economy.

How to get started

Saving money is so easy, just go the website or download the app It is completely free to register your details. To check the cheapest fuel stations in your area for unleaded petrol, diesel, LPG and other fuels, just type in your postcode.  The app will then display local garages to your postcode and hey presto, you can see where it is cheapest to fill up. The prices are updated every weekday around noon, so the data is very reliable.

http://petrolprices.comYou might ask what’s difference between a few pennies per litre? Well it could save you £100’s a year, depending on how much fuel you use.  For example if you normally spend £50 a week on petrol, it totals £2600 a year.  At an average saving of 10p per litre you could save £260 a year!

Don’t forget to use any loyalty cards that you may have when buying petrol. Many supermarkets have a combined petrol and groceries cards, such as:

  • Sainsbury’s and BP have Nectar cards
  • Morrison’s More Card
  • Tesco and Esso have Tesco Clubcard

Other loyalty schemes include:



Top 10 Tips to increase for fuel economy

Ensuring you maximise your fuel economy can also reduce costs. Check out the following top ten tips:

  1. Ensure your car tyres have the correct pressure, too little air can increase the fuel used.
  2. Switch the car engine off if you’re sitting in traffic for a long period of time, to save fuel.
  3. Keep your car as light as possible, many of use the car boot as long term storage (e.g. kids bikes etc) The heavier your car, the more fuel used.
  4. Do you need the air con that much? Using it increases fuel used.
  5. You’re a Mummy and ‘multi tasking’ is your middle name, use one longer journey to do what you need to do, rather than several smaller trips as this uses more fuel.
  6. Driving your precious Babies around you probably already drive a lot slower, however keeping your speed down. The faster the car the more fuel used.
  7. Avoid excessive braking, the more you brake the more fuel used.
  8. Get your oil checked, if your low on oil this can effect your car’s performance.
  9. Close the windows and sun roof if you can, (but not at the risk of being cooked in your car). This can create drag on your car and therefore use more fuel.
  10. Going on a trip to somewhere unfamiliar, plan your route. Planning will prevent using more unnecessary fuel should you loose your way. Probably due to the distraction of a small person asking ‘are we there yet?’ Arghh!





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