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If you have not heard or used a price comparison site, now is the time to find out more. Read on if you want to save £££’s on your car or home insurance.


 The lowdown on how to save money

Cheap car insurance? Got more chance of finding a purple unicorn? Not any more. Using price comparison sites can reduce down your insurance costs considerably. Insurance tends to be a necessary evil bill that we just cannot avoid.  We all need to buy it. But how do we find the cheapest price? The quick and easy way to check that you are paying the lowest price possible is to use a price comparison site.  Price comparison sites hold information on hundreds of insurance policies, so you can search them all at the same time.  It only takes a few minutes to register and enter your personal details. The comparison site can then search hundreds of companies in a matter of minutes.  A comprehensive list of quotes from insurers will be listed. You can then pick the insurance product that is perfect for you and at the best price.

A cautionary tale…

As a busy Mummy, sometimes things do slip through the net.   The renewal letter for my car insurance arrived in the post a few weeks before my renewal was due.  My car had seen better days and I thought best to wait to see if my car passed its MOT before checking on insurance prices.  So I left the renewal letter out so I would not forget, but whoops it was moved by my little one. Yes you guessed it, the letter was then totally forgotten about.

My bank statement came in the post and there it was, my payment for my car insurance.  I had forgotten all about my renewal. It was how much now? Crikey, it had gone up much more than last year.  Each year I use price comparison sites when it comes to buying insurance.  So I logged in and entered my details, and sure enough my quote came up £150 cheaper! Not only that, it was with my current insurer via a third party. My current insurer was showing at a cheaper price. To say I was a little miffed is an understatement.

Phoning the Insurer

I phoned my insurer to cancel my policy as I was not happy with the renewal price. I explained that I wanted to cancel my policy as I had seen a third party with a cheaper price. Guess what? My insurer wanted to avoid the policy being cancelled (which I was entitled to do at no charge within 14 days of renewal).  He offered me a cheaper price.  How much cheaper you ask?  Did they match the online price? No, it was even cheaper, £180 cheaper!  I could not believe the price difference.  How was this possible? The operator advised that it worked out cheaper to register me as a brand new customer and not a renewal customer.  It just goes to show there are sometimes no rewards for customer loyalty with big corporate companies.

how to save money using price comparison sites

How to use price comparison sites

There are four main market leaders in online price comparison and I would recommend to use them all. However it is up to you if you want to use more than one.  Personally I use all of them, as sometimes different prices can be shown. Click on the links below to sign up:

Register your details on your chosen site, either for your home or car insurance. The sites will ask about your individual circumstances and will then only list quotes for products that meet your needs. For example third party car insurance as opposed to fully comprehensive. Once registered, your information is saved, so when you renewal comes round the following year you don’t need to re-enter them.  Remember to check your information to confirm that any of your circumstances have not changed.

Top tip! – Do not enter your phone number as this may lead to marketing calls.

How much can you save?

Remember just a few minutes online using price comparison sites is much easier that phoning or checking prices with several insurance companies for a quote. Repeating the same information over and over again.  It could save you a huge amount of money and time in phoning various companies.  I saved a whopping £180, which paid for my car tax that was due a few months later.  Hopefully you have found his information useful in helping save money on your insurance. So get comparing yourself and see how money and time you could save. You never know, you could save even money than I did!

Top tip! – Pop a reminder on your calendar two weeks before your renewal date, to give you time to get comparing prices and do not leave important letters in reach of your little ones!

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