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Want to earn money when your shopping online?  Using a cashback site is a quick and easy way to make money on purchases that you are making online. It is a fantastic way to make money with every order you place online.  Who says that there is no such thing as free money?

How does it work?

It is free to sign up to a cashback site (see links below) and once you are registered, just browse through the list of retailers or services and click through to the site you wish to make your purchase from. Buy the product online as you normally would then check your account. The purchase should register straight away and the cashback shows as pending. It can take a few weeks (sometimes months) for cashback to track, so do not be worried if it takes a while. Once the cashback shows as ready to pay, you can choose to save it up or arrange a pay out.

I heard about cashback websites a few years ago and was amazed at how much I quickly started to earn. To date I have had £360 back in cold hard cash, in particular big purchases such as household electricals, really do offer good cashback rewards. Buying insurance online via cashback sites is also a really easy way of earning money.

Cashback sites


This is the UK’s top cashback site and has over 4,000 retailers listed on the site.
Method of payment:

• Amazon electronic gift cards
• BACS payment – direct to your bank account
• PayPal
• Avios travel rewards

All payments do not charge a fee, so you get 100% of the cashback due to you.

Click to sign up to Topcashback


Over 4,400 retailers listed on the site, easy to navigate menus.
Methods of payment:

• Amazon electronic gift cards
• BACS payment – direct to your bank account
• PayPal

So yes there really is a thing a free money and it is so simple to do. Just remember to check the both sites out as the cashback rates can differ, especially if you have a big purchase to make. Note that cashback does not need to be declared as a taxable income.


If you are interested in saving more money check out my article on saving money with Loyalty Cards.


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